Storage On Trucks
Why pay for a double move in and out of storage short term. Leave your items on our trucks for up to 5 days!!!
  • Keeping a moving companies truck down for the day results in a large loss of income when it could be out with a crew performing moves and deliveries. We only charge $100.00 per day per truck that you need to use as storage. This is much less expensive than a full move off the truck, packed into wood vaults, storing vaults, re-pulling vaults, unloading vaults, re-loading trucks, and then delivering.
  • We do not have to do a full inventory which is a very time consuming tagging process for items that go into storage. We put your lock or ours on the back of the truck and store it in our secured facility.
  • You items are covered by us as long as they are in our procession. We never suggest using your own trucks or storage facilities. Any moving companies coverage STOPS after it leaves our procession. It is not our rules it's our insurance carriers conditions.
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