The only problem with damage is the difference between a company that will step forward and resolve the problem immediately and the ones that will deny, procrastinate, hide, and never provide a solution.
  • Although we only hire professional seasoned movers at Christian Moving Company, occasionally a scratch our gouge may occur. We understand our professionals are humans and will occasionally make a mistake. Even an act of God, like a gust of wind while walking backwards up a ramp, can cause damage.
  • We do not reprimand our employees for accidents. They know that they can come forward to the client and the company unlike our competitors that threaten repercussions such as suspensions and termination.
  • I can assure you that any professional seasoned mover takes so much pride in his work that he will take a scrape or bruise to their body before letting your items get damaged. We do not condone them doing this. It's in their nature.
  • Press-board furniture is not covered by any moving company but we will do our best to disassemble the least amount necessary and move with caution.
  • Pack your boxes to the top.
  • God wants us to help our neighbor. We will help you with any damage you may have caused as well. We have the resources and discounted rates from our affiliates.
  • We inspect everything we move and will notify you if we see something that is more than wear and tear. This is a great service to have for your deliveries as well. We see things that you may have missed or not been able to see in the store or damage that happened after you left the store and will report it to you before delivery.
  • We use the proper equipment, pads, packing materials, and floor coverings when necessary. We do not cut corners.
  • This is also why we prefer providing our clients with a FLAT RATE NOT TO EXCEED price on all full moves, instead of hourly, because the customer has the tendency to look at his watch, see dollar signs, and push our movers which creates a chaotic environment for both parties which damage is sure to follow. Get a flat rate on full moves. Let the movers work at their pace, not yours. We want a happy and damage free move for all parties.
  • We will load your personal vehicle for you free of charge when on any move or delivery when requested. Again, we want a happy move. Let our professionals load the items you want to keep with you in your car. If they can load a semi, they can load your Prius. We don't want you to do damage either.
  • We know how to handle ALL weather conditions. We move 263 days out of the year. IN FLORIDA!!!!
  • Customer packed boxes cannot be insured.
  • Please call our office immediately if you see any damage. Even if it is after the move.
  • We have top upholsterers, re-finishers, cleaners, glass, and repair companies at our immediate disposal. It is very rare that we come across a piece that cannot be repaired, fabricated, or replaced. Originals that cannot be replaced will be taken care of by our insurance provider to provide you with the declared value. Don't forget to purchase this extended coverage if you have high dollar items or items that cannot be replaced.
  • Insurance carriers will not process a claim unless the moving company has been paid in full for services rendered. They do not negotiate non-payment verses claim value.
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