Why pay extra for an electrician and a lighting company? We are licensed and insured to move your light fixtures and chandeliers of any shape and size.
  • We move chandeliers all shapes, weights, and sizes.
  • We will provide the right size ladder if you do not have one available.
  • We will provide the right tools and equipment.
  • Chandeliers generally require 3 professional movers. Sometimes 4 on an automatic or extremely large piece.
  • We crate chandeliers.
  • We have ways of moving chandeliers without crates. We have been known to lay them down on multiple pads or even hang them safely from a series of spider-webbed straps in the back of our trucks. This all depends on the type and size of your fixture.
  • We store chandeliers.
  • You must provide the plastic wire caps and a plastic cover plate. You cannot leave bare or exposed wires.
  • We do not re-enforce ceilings for installation. We are not licensed General Contractors. We cannot alter framing or foundations in homes. Make sure your ceiling is prepared for chandelier hanging.
  • Make sure if you have an automatic chandelier that it works before we arrive. You may have to call the company, such as Aladdin, to walk you through the wiring and fuse changing process on older units. The unit is located in the attic and consists of a simple winch, no different than you would find on a truck.
  • We have found that humidity can effect the inner workings of your winch key lock. If your key will not turn, try putting a little motor oil on the key, insert, and turn and shake back and forth. This loosens them 99% of the time.
  • Depending on how your electrician wired the unit original, in most cases you will have the light off when lowering. Sometimes they will not lower unless the light is on.
  • Before you waste your money on an electrician, go into the attic, lift the cover, change the 2 fuses on the circuit board. Inspect the cable as well and make sure its running off the top of the spool, not the bottom. Make sure the cable is not loose or tangled at the spool. Call Aladdin, or your manufacture first BEFORE an expensive electrician. They will walk you through and even show you an easy way to hot-wire your unit if necessary.
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