Assisted Living Centers
Regretfully, our seniors get taken advantage of quite regularly in this industry. Your clients and the families of your clients will appreciate knowing that their in the hands of a caring Christian company.
  • Based on our professional opinion, your unit diagrams, and occasionally a good tape measure, we can accurately let your client know what will fit and not fit when downsizing before coming to your center.
  • We provide a stress free relocation with compassion for all of those involved.
  • We respect specific instructions on how to communicate with a client that has severe medical problems.
  • We respect other residents and staff while we are in the facility. We do our best to perform moves around breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • We are safe and courteous.
  • We will help your clients get rid of their unwanted items.
  • We send seasoned professionals that take great care in packing your clients personal belongings.
  • We do out of state moves and transfers.
  • Free wardrobe service.
  • Free electronics disconnect & reconnect.
  • Room to room transfers within the center, that the center is paying for, will be done at an extremely discounted rate for your referrals.
  • Your employees will receive a 5% discount from our company for personal use of our services.
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